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Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle Standard Folding Jigsaw Board

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Portapuzzle Standard. 

This foldable puzzle board can be easily transported and stored away to keep your house clutter free. The Jigsaw puzzle board consists of a central board on which to build the jigsaw and side panels and removable panels that can be used for sorting pieces.

Suitable for most standard jigsaw puzzles. Jumbo's Puzzle mate accessories are a great way for puzzlers to keep their jigsaw pieces together and organised.

How to store your puzzle:- When you have finished working on your puzzle then place the removable panels over your jigsaw, and close the side panels over the central board. Fix the central nylon hook and loop fasteners then close the nylon hook and loop fasteners at the top and bottom of the board. Your puzzle is now safe to move around or store until you want to work on it again.



Perfect accessory for building, sorting, storing and transporting Jigsaw puzzles.
Easily secured using three nylon fastenings to keep all jigsaw pieces in place during transport.
Includes two additional removable specially lined Portapuzzle boards

Portapuzzle 1000 

Holds up to 1000 standard jigsaw pieces
Closed board measures 82 x 58 x 3cm.
Opened board measures 165 x 58 x 3cm.
The 2 additional boards measure 53 x 39 cm each

Portapuzzle 1500

Holds up to 1500 standard jigsaw pieces
Closed board measures 91 x 65 x 3cm.
Opened board measures 182 x 65 x 3cm.
The two additional boards measure 60 x 39 cm each

Use the drop down menu to select from the 2 boards sizes available for a maximum 1000 or 1500 pieces

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