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Safety boots

The safety of yourself and your co-workers or employees should always be an important priority. To lower the risks of injury it is important to choose the right workwear as part of your personal protective equipment. A quality strong pair of safety boots or safety shoes is also a vital part of that protection and a necessary part of any PPE kit.

The 4 key elements of safety boots are steel toe-cap, midsole, grip, and support.

Steel toe-caps
These protect your feet from being crushed by falling objects such as tools, wood, concrete and from accidental firing of nail guns

Steel or multi layer textile midsole
This protects your feet when accidentally stepping on sharp objects such as broken glass.

There risk of falling on a slippery surface can be greatly reduced by boots with good slip proof grips. There are all sorts of conditions that could result in a slippery surface - a burst pipe, spilled liquids, polished floors, or simply rain 

Good foot and ankle support is also important to maintain good balance when working and to reduce the risk of falling or a twisted ankle. Safety footwear should also ideally be fairly comfortable to use in prolonged working enviromment