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Drift Universal adhesive camera mount kit

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Drift Universal adhesive camera mounts & clip

Genuine product supplied by Drift

The Drift Mounting Kit comes with one flat mount, one slightly curved mount, two pieces of 3M adhesive and universal clip. The Drift Mounting Kit can be attached to any surface, giving you versatility when it comes to positioning your camera.

Using the highest quality 3M adhesive you are able to permanently attach mounts to a surface without damaging the surface. The mounts are designed to be used together with a drift universal clip, one of which is now also included in this kit.

Drift's Universal Clip allows you to attach any Drift camera to any Drift mount, it also features a quick release switch making it easy to move from one mount to another.

To connect this clip to the camera, screw it into the thread mount on the bottom of the camera. When tightening it ensure you align it correctly so when it is secured into a mount it is lined up correctly to get the angle you want.