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Winkku Bicycle (Bike) Lights Mirror & LED Indicators
Our price: £ 21.50

Winkku Bicycle Lights Mirror & Indicators Key Features:- World's first combined mirror and indicator for bikes (patents pending) Fits onto end of all types of handlebar 21 Ultra-bright LED lamps Flashing orange indicator close to drivers' eye-line Keep both hands on the handlebars while operating the indicator White and red night running lights positioned on extremity of bike Wide-angle mirror in shatterproof resin No wiring - stylish, compact battery-powered unit Unclips instantly for parking Soft carry bag included Pro bracket neat and discreet when going off-road Folds back for cycling between lines of traffic Knocks back if struck Rubber bumper absorbs impacts on outside edge The Winkku Bicycle Lights Mirror & Indicators is available in both left handed and right handed.

Quick Summary:-

* Fully adjustable mirror

* Turn indicator: 13 pcs Orange LEDs Front running lights: 4pcs White LEDs Rear running light: 4pcs Red LEDs Wireless power: Uses 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Accessories included:-

* Two types of mounting brackets for all types of handle bar

* Pro fitting template

* Allen key

* Soft carry bag#] Winkku is powered by three AA-size batteries and clips on and off the handlebars in seconds so you can take it with you when parking.

'We all know that being able to zoom up between lines of traffic is one of the great advantages of cycling' explains Bell, 'so we've designed Winkku to fold back flush, then it clicks into the correct position again instantly when you next need it'.

Installing Your Winkku Pro Bracket We recommend using the pro bracket whenever possible.

Use the pro bracket guide / template to ensure the correct size of hole is cut in the end of the right handlebar.

Alternatively, some bike styles allow you to simply pop off the handlebar end cap.

Insert the pro bracket into the handlebar end with the rubber grommet facing upwards.

Using the Allen key provided, tighten slightly.

The pro bracket will expand to fit all standard handlebars.

Clip the Winkku firmly into the collar at the end of the bracket, sit in your normal riding position and adjust the mirror rear view by firstly rotating the pro bracket within the handlebar until you achieve the desired vertical alignment.

Then rotate the Winkku horizontally within the collar ratchet to achieve the desired horizontal alignment.

Further fine horizontal adjustment can be made by rotating the Winkku securing collar by up to 20 degrees.

To do this, remove the Winkku from the collar, use the Allen key to loosen the clamping screw slightly and rotate the collar by hand.

Be careful not to lose the vertical setting.

Push the Winkku back into the collar and check the mirror alignment.

Once the Winkku is in the correct position, tighten the bracket until it is secure (do not over-tighten).

Go for a short ride and check the mirror view while pedalling in your normal riding position.

Re-adjust as necessary and finally secure the bracket with the Allen key.

Easyfit Bracket Simply place the Easyfit bracket over the right handle grip, rubber grommet facing up and secure firmly using the Velcro strap.

Adjust the mirror view as described above.

The fine horizontal adjustment is made by using the Allen key to unclamp the horizontal quadrant, rotate as necessary and re-tighten.

When loosening the clamp screw, be careful not to allow the nut on the other end to fall off.

Using Your Winkku Winkku has 3 modes; night running lights only, indicator only, running lights and indicator.

Switch on Winkku by pressing the main switch once.

The unit will flash orange twice.

The indicator can then be operated by simply nudging the side turn switch.

When cycling, you should not have to remove your hand from the handlebars to operate the indicator.

Simply roll your hand to the right into the nudge switch to turn on and off.

You will hear a discreet bleeper to remind you that the indicator is on.

To switch the running lights on and off, press the button beneath the mirror.

Both the rear red and forward facing white LEDs will come on.

You do NOT have to switch these off before using the indicator.

The nudge switch will interrupt the running lights when you want to indicate and will return to the running lights when the indicator is switched off.

Switch off your Winkku by pressing the main switch once.

The red and white lights will flash to confirm the unit is switched off.

Other Key Features Winkku can be pulled back for nipping through tight spaces and simply 'clicked' back into place when required.

Should you be clipped by a passing motorist, Winkku will knock back or forward without breaking or falling off.

It has a rubber battery / end cover and a shatterproof resin mirror for that reason! The Winkku indicator blinks at the same speed as a car indicator so that road users (who are pre-disposed to react to flashing lights) recognise and understand your intention to turn right.

When mounted on the handlebars, the Winkku is clearly visible to other road users, even in daylight as is protrudes beyond the cyclist at roughly the height of a car driver's eye.

Winkku comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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