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Shadesy Portable Beach Sun Shade & Cushion

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Shadesy Portable Sun Shade (improved Cush n shade)

Introducing the Shadesy which a wider version of the popular Cush n shade.  (See the end of the description for a list of differences if you are already familiar with the Cushnshade)

Shadesy can be attached to most sun loungers, or beach / garden chairs providing 50+ UV protection for your face, hair and shoulders while allowing the rest of your body to soak up the rays of the sun. Shadesy can also be used as a stand-alone accessory on the beach or lawn

The patented ratchet system allows the angle of the shade to be adjusted for more, less or no shade and to compensate for the changing height of the sun.

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Shadesy is the perfect all in one sun bathing accessory that combines a UPF 50+ sun shade with a comfortable compact inflatable plastic cushion. The portable sun shade  is a great addition to your other essential travel accessories and it  can be be used most places outdoors including pool area, beach, and garden.

Shadesy shields your face and hair from the damaging effects of the sun
so there's now no need for a sun hat, sunglasses or to hire a sun parasol for that extra facial sun protection in the middle of the day. Shadesy not only shields your face and hair from the damaging effects of the sun but also makes sun bathing a much easier and pleasurable experience.

As the shade blocks the suns glare it's so easy to read your favourite book, kindle or browse your tablet / smart phone without having to squint or turn up the brightness and waste power.

Shadesy comes un-assembled in a well presented retail box and it can be easily assembled in 90 seconds using the instructions provided.
If required it can be left assembled as it fold flats for easily carrying using the adjustable shoulder strap or for transporting in a case or hand luggage

Product Features:-
Shields your face and hair from the damaging effects of the sun
All-in-one travel accessory combining 50+ UPF sunshade with inflatable cushion
Firmly attaches to any lounger or chair or can be used it on its own on the beach
Makes reading and sunbathing more relaxing and comfortable
Light and portable for travel (900g)
Assemble once and disassemble for travel.
Colour - Blue
Retail box

Measurements when assembled :- Height 41cm x depth 36cm x width 44cm

Independently tested and approved by ARPANSA, SGS Intertek and BV.

Shadesy is the new wider, improved version of it's cousin the Award winning Cush n shade portable sun shade

Improvements on the Cush n shade
* Firmer ratchet system
* Larger inflatable cushion (38 cm x 23cm) for added comfort
* 5 cms (2 inches) wider making it also suitable for larger loungers and chairs
* Retail Box

Please note that unlike the Cush n shade it does not have the silver coloured finish and it does not come with its own carry / travel bag. However it can be easily carried flat while still assembled using the elasticated shoulder strap.

Alternatively it does just manage to fit in the Cush n shade carry bag which may still be available for purchase at the link below

Coolandnew are the sole distributor of this product within the UK and Europe

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