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We specialise in robotic toys. We also stock toys and games from a range of well know brands including Star Wars.

The robot arm has remained a good seller all year and is an ideal Christmas gift for boys especially or adults that are still kids at heart !

The bigtrak is a fantastic retro toy which was popular last Christmas and we are pleased to announce that we will be stocking the new Bigtrak XTR in October.

This model now gives the option of controlling the bigtrak from your smartphone (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android) or connecting to you computer and driving bigtrak XTR with a joystick! New accessories are not the way to including wireless camera, missile launcher or lightbar for night driving. This is going to be so cool. Contact us to pre-order now.

We will also soon be adding lots of RC (remote control) toys to the website before Christmas so remember to register so we can let you know when they arrive.

Scalextric sets and electric mini scooters to be added later this week !

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