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Action Cameras

2 of the best and most popular models are made by Drift Innovation and Gopro.

Here is a quick comparison of the Drift HD170 and GoPro Hero HD action cameras

The Drift HD170 has a better user interface and is a lot easier to operate, making the camera easier and quicker to setup before taking the video. Both cameras have a mega wide 170 degree lense which is essential on this type of camera.

Both action cameras can take video in 1080P and give similar picture quality although the Gopro gives colours that are slightly warmer and possible more saturated. Both models adequately capture sound.

The Drift HD170 is waterproof up to half a metre (ie splash proof) so suitable for wet outside conditions but the Gopro HD is watertight up to 60 metres so is the obvious choice for underwater camera enthusiasts.

The Gopro Hero HD has a replaceable lense where as the Drift HD170 does not. The GoPro is slightly cheaper than the Drift.

One of the big advantages that the Drift HD has over the Gopro HD is its LCD video screen which allows you line up your shot and playback the video on location to check that it has recorded correctly. The Drift's set up menu is far easier on the larger video display screen and more intuitive than the Hero's tiny black and white screen which can not be fully understood without the instruction sheet. There is no playback on the Gopro.

The Drift HD170 also has a rotating lense which means that you can mount the action camera at what ever angle you want and then simply rotate the lense to straighten out the shot. The Drift also has a wireless remote to start and stop recording easily which is especially useful if the camera is mounted where it can not easily be reached or out of view (eg on the helmet).

This review will soon be transfered to the blog and we will be replacing it with a quick comparison of drift products and cameras.

The latest action cameras are the Drift HD and Drift HD720 which are both been improved and are 30% smaller than the Stealth HD170.



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